Types and Antitypes


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Lessons of Old to New

Types and Antitypes

Ancient & Modern Israel Paralleled  Excerpts from  Exodus in Type & Antitype by Taylor G. Bunch

Type and Antitype. 1 Cor. 10:1-11. This language is clear and the application unmistakable. Verse 11 is the key text because it explains the reason for these which precede it. The experiences of God's people under the Exodus movement were typical of those under the Advent movement. The History of ancient Israel was recorded "for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come." After quoting the above Scripture God's servant wrote: "The experience of Israel, referred to in the above words of the apostle, and as recorded in the 105th and 106th Psalms, contain lessons of warnings that the people of God in these last days especially need to study. I urge that these chapters be read at least once every week." T.M. 89.

Not All Recorded. Jesus said and did many things which the Holy Spirit did not have recorded in the four gospels. John 20:30, 31; 21:25. Just so there were many things which happened to ancient Israel during their deliverance from Egypt and their journey to the promised land which the Holy Spirit did not have recorded in the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Our Text tells us that only those things were recorded which "happened to them for ensamples" ("types"-Mar.) of the experiences of the people of God "upon whom the ends of the world are come." Not all that "happened" was typical, but all that was "written". If all that took place during those 40 years had been recorded it would require a great library to contain it. Everything written in the Scriptures regarding the Exodus movement contains lessons for us.

Meaning of Type. "By way of example"--R.V. "by way of figure."--R.V. Margin. "But these things occurred to them typically."--Emphatic Diaglott. "All this kept happening to them with a figurative meaning."-- Weymouth. Type is defined as "a figure, emblem or symbol; a symbol or figure of something to come; a pattern." Figure is defined as something "to prefigure; to foreshow; to represent by typical or figurative resemblance; a pattern, emblem, type, image, or imitation." A type is a literal representation of a spiritual fact. Baptism is called "a figure" of the resurrection (1 Peter 3:21) the first Adam "the figure" of Him who was to come, that is the second Adam (Rom 5:14). "In Adam we have a type of Him whose coming was still future.--Wey. The earthly sanctuary and its services and priesthood are said to be "a figure" of the heavenly sanctuary and the ministration of Christ. Heb. 9:8,9,24.

Never Identical. Types and antitypes are never identical but only similar. In fact there must be differences in many respects. "As there must be a similarity or analogy between the type and the antitype, so there is also a diversity or dissimilitude between them. It is not in the nature of the types and anti-types that they should agree in all things; else, instead of similitude, there would be identity. Hence the apostle, wilst making Adam a type of Christ, yet shows how infinitely the latter excelled the former (1 Cor. 15:47). So the priests of old were types of Christ, though He infinitely excelled them." - "Popular and Critical Bible Encyclopedia," article "Type". The same author mentioned as examples of "Actions Typical", "the deliverance out of Egypt, passage of the Red Sea, sojourn in the wilderness, passage over Jordan, entrance into Canaan, and restoration from Babylon."

Below is a compilation of excerpts from the Spirit Of Prophecy on the subject of types and antitypes.

Keep the Commandments
Sermons and Talks Volume One p. 233

And because the children of Israel went down into Egypt, they lost the knowledge of God. Moses went to bring them out with a strong arm, and the Lord told Moses to say, "I am sent unto thee. Let my son go that he may serve me." (See Ex. 4:23.) Afterwards he says, "Reprove them because they have not kept my Sabbath." And he brought them to Sinai, and the law of God was spoken from the Mount. There God through His son, Jesus Christ, was the Founder of the whole Jewish economy. The sacrifices TYPIFIED THE WONDERFUL ANTITYPE. Jesus Christ was to come and give His life that He might set man free from Satan's claims, that He might unlock the prison houses and bring forth those that plead for a glorious immortality. WHEN TYPE MET ANTITYPE IN THE DEATH OF CHRIST, what was done? What need was there for any more sacrificial offerings? Type had met antitype. No more need for any sacrificial offerings, because THE GREAT ANTITYPICAL OFFERING HAD BEEN MADE to save every transgressor of the law if they would believe on Jesus Christ as their Saviour and return to their loyalty. Then every sin and transgression would be forgiven.

Dealing With False Science, Cults, Isms, and Secret Societies
Evangelism p. 598

When TYPE MET ANTITYPE IN THE DEATH OF CHRIST, the sacrificial offering ceased. The ceremonial law was done away. But by the crucifixion the law of Ten Commandments was established. The gospel has not abrogated the law, nor detracted one tittle from its claims. It still demands holiness in every part. It is the echo of God's own voice, giving to every soul the invitation, Come up higher. Be holy, holier still.-- Review and Herald, June 26, 1900.

The First Fruits
Selected Messages Book 1, p.305

Christ was the first fruits of them that slept. It was to the glory of God that the Prince of life should be the first fruits, THE ANTITYPE OF THE WAVE SHEAF. "For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren" (Rom. 8:29). This very scene, the resurrection of Christ from the dead, had been celebrated in TYPE by the Jews. When the first heads of grain ripened in the field, they were carefully gathered; and when the people went up to Jerusalem, these were presented to the Lord as a thank offering. The people waved the ripened sheaf before God, acknowledging Him as the Lord of the harvest. After this ceremony the sickle could be put to the wheat, and the harvest gathered.

Efficacy of Christ's Blood
Our High Calling, p. 47

Christ Himself was the originator of the Jewish system of worship, in which, by types and symbols, were shadowed forth spiritual and heavenly things....TODAY WE ARE LIVING WHEN TYPE HAS MET ANTITYPE in the offering of Christ for the sins of the world; we are living in the day of increased light, and yet how few are benefited with the grand and all-important truth that Christ has made an ample sacrifice for all! What justice required, Christ had rendered in the offering of Himself, and "how shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?" Heb. 2:3. Those who reject the gift of life will be without excuse.

Ellen White's Burden in Norway and Sweden
Manuscript Releases Volume Five, p. 5-6

WE ARE NOW LIVING IN the solemn period of the ANTITYPICAL DAY OF ATONEMENT. In the type, the sins of the people were, on the atonement day, to be called to mind and repented of. It was a time of humiliation and affliction of soul. The greatest care was enjoined that every part of the service be attended to with becoming reverence, lest the anger of the Lord be displayed. The high priest was required to make the most careful and solemn preparation, and he must guard himself with the utmost diligence from all contamination. How much more while the antitypical atonement is going on in heaven, should those who minister in sacred things be holy. "Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord." Said Christ, "I sanctify Myself that they also may be sanctified." Those who are sent to the people in Christ's stead should be men of God, pure in life, pure in conversation, ensamples to the flock. They have a solemn work before them, warning every man and teaching every man, in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus. "Whereunto I also labor striving according to His working which worketh in me mightily."--Ms 3, 1885, pp. 1, 8, 9, 11-13. (Sermon, "The Obedience of the Sabbath," October 8, 1885.)

1 Corinthians
S.D.A. Bible Commentary Vol. 6, p. 1092

20 (Lev. 23:10, 11). CHRIST THE ANTITYPICAL WAVE-SHEAF.--It was to the glory of God that the Prince of life should be the first fruits, THE ANTITYPE OF THE TYPICAL WAVESHEAF. "For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren." . . .

The Love of God
Bible Echo and Signs of the Times, 01-01-87

The plan of redemption, embracing the good news of salvation through Christ, was first preached to Adam. It was to him the star of hope, lighting up the dark and dreaded future. Adam saw that the promised Redeemer was the only means by which he could have life. The plan of saving sinners has been the same in every generation. The patriarchs, prophets, and all the holy men of old, looked forward to a coming Saviour, in whom they showed their faith by sacrificial offerings. The blood of animals had shadowed forth the sinless offering made on Calvary; but AT THE CRUCIFIXION TYPE MET ANTITYPE, AND THE TYPICAL SYSTEM WAS DONE AWAY BY THE GREAT ANTITYPICAL.

Lift Him Up as the Divine Lawgiver
Lift Him Up, p. 153

When prophets stood in defense of the truth, it was the word of God that was given to them. They understood the work of salvation to be accomplished by the Messiah to come. But after Christ came, after He died as man's sacrifice, AFTER THE TYPICAL SACRIFICES WERE FULFILLED BY THE ANTITYPE, the old truth in the typical service was revealed more clearly. In Christ, the representative of the Father, a wonderful truth was revealed to the world. The light from the cross of Calvary, reflected back upon the Jewish age, gives character and significance to the whole Jewish economy; and on this side of the cross, in a special manner, we have the truth as it is in Jesus. Truth communicated through our Redeemer becomes indeed present truth.

Now, if never before we should see that where there is a type there is also an antitype, and that WHERE THERE IS NO TYPE, THERE IS NO TRUTH. 1TG 46:15

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