New World Order
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What does the Papacy and UN have for you?

Pope, Politicians, and Most People Agree: The UN is a Force For Good

In a speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Pope John Paul II called the global body, "The hope of the world." The Pontiff and his Vatican curia believe strongly in the UN and its globalist mission. Curiously, the Pope's wording echoed that of the late New Age occultist, Alice Bailey, founder of the Lucis Trust, who also held up the UN as "The hope of the world."
      In February 1992, U.S.A. President George Bush told the UN General Assembly, "It is those sacred principles enshrined in the UN Charter to which we must henceforth pledge our allegiance."
      Presumably, the American people back in 1776, and the founding fathers of this nation such as Washington, Jefferson, and Madison, would have found such an unAmerican, anti-nationalist sentiment highly offensive and obnoxious. But in the decade of the 1990s, America seems brain-dead and heart-sick.
      Times have changed, and a large percentage of the population is woefully ignorant. The vast majority, endlessly fed pro-United Nations propaganda by the media, have no problem pledging their allegiance to a world body, the members of which loathe, despise, and utterly hate the bold principles stated so plainly in the U.S. Constitution and our Declaration of Independence.
      Most Americans actually believe that the UN is a peacekeeping body devoted to global harmony, unity, love, and security--and what could be wrong with that? They view the UN as a god-like force for positive change. World Goodwill, an occultic, New Age organization headquartered in New York, London, and Geneva, put it this way in their bulletin, entitled, The United Nations and the Path to Unity and Right Relations:

    The United Nations has been the pioneering force for unity in a divided world...The UN has established an architecture and a political culture within which a new, interdependent world order can now take shape...The United Nations stands out as a potent force for positive change. (World Goodwill, newsletter No. 2, 1995)

Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary-General of the UN and now chancellor of the Peace University in Costa Rica, is euphoric in his praise of the UN organization:

    The United Nations is one of the greatest institutions ever created by humans, a true meta-organism for the evolution of the human species and of the planet. In it converge all our aspirations, dreams, and differences...The UN is humanity's global brain.

In the World Goodwill bulletin, Ben Okri, a Nigerian novelist, ecstatically agrees. Okri writes that the UN has the potential to lift the planet higher and onward to new levels of spiritual power. He remarks that, once the dream and vision of one world unity under the UN is achieved, the human race will "move toward a new millennium."
      With a stregnthened United Nations in charge of our destiny, says Okri, the future looks so bright and radiant that humanity "might begin to astonish even the gods."
      How sad it is that United Nations Promoters--and theunknowing masses whom theyunduly influence--have rejected Jesus Christ and embraced Satan's end-times device, the United Nations, as the true hope of the world. As my feature article confirms, these people are greatly deceived. There is no "hope" that we can possibly lodge in man's organizations, and especially in the monstrous UN organization.
      Thank God, the Bible calls Jesus the "Blessed Hope." He is also called, "Wonderful," "Counselor," and "Redeemer." Long after the UN and other flawed institutions of men fail, long after even this Earth melts and dissolves with fervent heat, Jesus will be there, reigning on His throne. In ten thousand years, the UN will not even be a lackluster memory, but the grace of God shall abide throughout eternity: "For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, for ever and ever. Amen."

World Peace only with Jesus